Name: Jonathan Firth

Born: 6 April 1967

Where: Essex, England UK

This youthful-looking actor unfairly seems to be best known as the younger brother of British actor, Colin Firth. This is a pity because Jonathan Firth has developed a distinct and interesting resume of his own with performances in radio, theatre, feature films, but more prominently in very high quality television work.

After graduating from the Central School of Speech and Drama, London (1989), Jonathan landed several television roles.

He has worked primarily in television for the BBC, where he became a heartthrob as Richard Grey in the 1992 feudal drama Covington Cross.

In Wuthering Heights he had a small role as Linton Heatcliff.

This was followed with the mini-series Middlemarch

iin which he plays most notably as the "struggling to find himself" Fred Vincy in the wonderful British mini-series "Middlemarch" (1994).

Jonathan had an opportunity to showcase a fuller range of emotion and acting skill as the very complicated Sergeant Troy in a superior remake of Far from the Madding Crowd (1998) (TV).

His other television credits include The Magical Legend of The Leprechauns and in the historical drama Victoria & Albert, he was cast as the morally upright Prince Albert in A & E's production of Victoria & Albert (2001).

In 2003 he got the role Stephanus in the dramatized BBC recreation of the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

More recently he played the role of Soren, the the butler/caretaker of Prince Edvard in "The Prince and Me" 2 (2006), 3 (2008) and 4 (2009, but not released yet)