Colin as a child (right)

Colin on "his early years in Nigeria":

"My first four years of my life were in Nigeria "not that one remembers a lot about the first four years of one's life "but it did make an impression on me not least because people we'd known there continued to be in our lives as visitors. There were constantly people from India (both my parents were born and raised in India) and so there was an immense cultural diversity under my own roof throughout my entire upbringing, and I consider that to be absolutely nothing but a privilege!

Colin on: St. Louis:

St. Louis was the "most hideous memory" in Firth's childhood because "I was a precocious brat with grass-stained knees who was too proud to be silent."

Colin on "his education":

"My education was deeply stifling. Nothing that I had experienced in the classroom has had anything to do with life. At that age your entire being is invaded by your sexual consciousness, and all you're getting is algebra and French! I'm delightfully happy as an adult, but I was not very happy as a child. I'm very suspicious of people who romanticize their childhood."

Colin on "acting":

Colin was successful already at the age of five: dressed for a school production of Jack Frost in white satin trousers, blue sash and polystyrene crown, he brought the house down. "I remember doing some sort of dance which amused everybody, and I remember getting a lot of praise."

Colin on "Christmas":

"I think Christmas turns us all into Scrooge. Everyone is trying to throw happy stuff at you, and that's when I come over all humbug."

Even as a child, according to Colin, Christmas in the Firth household was a little different from the snowy Christmas scenes of most kids. Colin's parents were teachers, and he spent his early childhood in Nigeria.

"I suppose my fondest Christmas memory was when I was six years old and in that gap between understanding anything about it and the realisation that it was all a lie."

"My grandfather dressed up as Santa Claus and disguised his voice and did a Santa Claus speech to go with it.

I remember he did this amazing thing of putting some false rotten teeth in, which I thought was an incredible touch. It was very magical."And I suppose my worst Christmas memory was when I found out they were his actual teeth."